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Impressive days in Luleå, Sweden

Impressive days in Luleå, Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle. Many thanks to the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and especially Leonie Schiedek for organising the “Nordic-German Roundtable: Transforming #industry towards a low-carbon future – a specific look at hydrogen”. With excellent discussion partners from industry, politics and #science, especially from Sweden and Finland, we were able to discuss the opportunity and challenges of a global hydrogen economy for 2 days. The potentials especially in Finland, but also in Sweden are gigantic. In Finland alone, a wind power potential of 130 GW is assumed. In the coming years and decades, an entire “hydrogen bay” is to be created around the Gulf of Bothnia with “BotH2nian”.
hydrogen bay” is to be created around the Gulf of Bothnia in the coming years and decades. Incidentally, Northern Europe and the Atkantik region have the most plans and announced investments for green hydrogen production projects worldwide. Rostock is a good port of landing for large quantities of green hydrogen and especially green ammonia. In the long term, an H2 pipeline should also be worthwhile. Involving the Baltic states also makes sense to me – above all Estonia. My advice: Think big! Germany’s future demand for hydrogen is enormous!

Impressive days in Luleå, Sweden - Stefan Kaufmann