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100 MW large solar park in Puertollano

In just a few weeks, a fascinating project will go into operation in Puertollano, about 250 km south of Madrid. A 100 MW solar park of the Iberian energy giant Iberdrola supplies the 20 MW PEM electrolyser of Nel Hydrogen 6 km away with green electricity via a power cable. With the green hydrogen, Europe’s second largest fertiliser producer Grupo Fertiberia produces green ammonia directly next to the electrolyser, which in turn produces green fertiliser. Many thanks to all the leaders of the two companies, namely Marc van Doorn and Isaac del Moral from Fertiberia and Jorge Palomar Herrero from Iberdrola, for their strong commitment to a sustainable, climate-neutral industry and their insights into the project. A special thanks goes to Mox Murugan from Luleå in northern Sweden, who does business development for the Norrbotten region and who lured Fertiberia, owned by a German-Swedish private equity company, to Sweden for a major project. Together we want to tie northern and southern Europe even more closely to Germany and support comparable showcase projects in Germany as well. It seems clear: the global hydrogen economy begins with the production and shipping of green ammonia.

100 MW large solar park in Puertollano - Stefan Kaufmann